Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Bayonne Bridge

Ever since seeing "The War of the Worlds" I became enthralled with the bridge that is seen towering over the home that Tom Cruise lived in. In the movie, the bridge was blown up as was the house he lived in. After some research, I discovered that the bridge is in my home state of New Jersey. I wanted, and needed to see it for myself.
Seeing it from 1000 feet above while my husband flies a helicopter is truly amazing but it is even more spectacular from the ground. As a child, bridges always scared me. Now, as an adult, and a photographer, they thrill me. They are so beautiful, and this bridge in particular is just beautiful. This month marks its 75th birthday.
I plan on going back to Bayonne often to photograph this bridge, and the neighborhood. The home Tom Cruise's character, Ray, lived in with the bridge in the backyard is photographically, beautiful.