Friday, November 16, 2007

Breathing easier today!

It's a wonderful world that we live in today with the internet. We can "meet" people, connect with them, become friends with them even though we have never met (yet) in person.
Thru the best photo board I know online,, I have met a remarkable woman named Jody who resides on the opposite coast from me. We joke that we are sisters separated at birth (even though I am 5 years older, she has a killer body and the best hair on the planet). Our minds think alike in so many ways. Jody is a strong, smart, successful woman. She has only been a photographer for a few years now and her work is amazing. She had a tumor on her spine almot 2 decades ago and was told she would never walk. Well...she walks, hikes, climbs mountains, and carries all this heavy camera gear. She has beaten every odd.
Yesterday she called me in a panic-waiting til today to find out if she had the big "C." At first she was down, as can be expected, and then she rose above it knowing whatever happened, she would be ok. She wanted to know if the worst happened, would I fly to the west coast and document her plight. I got a lump in my throat and thought to myself "of course" but I was really hoping our first time meeting in person would be under better cirmcumstances.
Today while editing images, I got a text saying "BENIGN WOO HOO."
WOO HOO is right.
But I was never really worried. For some reason, I just knew she was going to be fine.


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I love you Rothenberg!


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