Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New York Premiere of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull"-Magic Johnson Theater, Harlem-May 20, 2008

I have to say this was one of the WORST premieres EVER..possibly even the worst. It had all the makings to be great, mainly since it was being held right in my neighborhood. The weather was awful but we had a tent that was very long.
So, why was it bad? Well, talent DID NOT stop. A premiere and the stars don't stop. How absolutely wonderful. We were told "sorry, but there's alive broadcast and there is no time." Then WHY invite the press??
60 photographers freaking out, a leaking tent, tempers flaring. Harrison Ford showed up with girlfriend Calista Flockhart and they walked FAST down the carpet. Shia LeBeouf..who?? He didn't pose at all. Karen Allen was wonderful, her handlers were not. They told us "she's not stopping" and when we asked her for a photo, she was more than happy to pose for us, and she looked gorgeous with a personality to match. Note to publicists-stop being so rude!
I managed to get off one shot of Harrison Ford,, Shia LeBeouf and Karen Allen when they posed for a select few for 2 seconds.
At one point, Calista Flockhart was directly in front of me and I asked if we could get a fashion shot. She said "one second" and right before she came over to an area where I was with only 3 other photographers, a huge raindrop fell on my flash and shorted it out. 10 shots, not one properly exposed due to the flash not working. (see it here). Dennis VT fixed it, but it was too late-no one else showed up.
The fastest edit EVER for a premiere-I think I took 20 images total!


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