Friday, June 27, 2008

Coldplay rocks The Today Show's Summer Concert Series-June 27, 2008

That's all I can say after shooting Coldplay today on The Today Show's Summer Concert Series from Rockefeller Plaza. Earlier in the week, the photo op at Madison Square Garden was pretty awful. Not only that, it clogged my interpretation of their performance. Today on "The Today Show," Coldplay rocked like no one else other than Bruce Springsteen last September. They played a mini concert-not the usual 15 or so minutes most bands play here but for close to 40 minutes. Lead singer Chris Martin didn't forget anyone in the audience. He left the stage and walked over towards 49th Street for the fans across the street who could only hear. Perched high atop a speaker, he made sure everyone back that way was able to see him. Then, he went far back to the fans at 48th Street and did the same thing. There were thousands of fans all around Rockefeller Plaza today and not one of them left disappointed.
I have seen and photographed thousands of performers and Coldplay ranks amongst the top when it comes to live performances.
Here is a selection of images from that the NY Daily News ran in a gallery:


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