Friday, May 21, 2010

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato kick off GOOD MORNING AMERICAs 2010 Summer Concert Series

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato kicked off Good Morning America's summer concert series at New York City's Rumsey Playfield in Central Park this morning.

When chatting on the show, the boys mentioned that they ended up stranded in an elevator for over an hour after their concert at L.A. mall The Grove last week. Joe Jonas noted:

"Who panicked? I think we all had a moment where we were freaking out," he said. "I'm gonna avoid elevators for a little while. I'll take the stairs for now."

Luckily they didn't have that problem at Central Park.

In other Jonas news, In Touch is reporting that oldest Jonas Brother Kevin is already having marital problems. He and his wife of five months Danielle Deleasa are sleeping in separate beds. Never you fear though - it turns out the problem is Kevin's extremely loud snoring. According to friends of the couple, Danielle and Kevin honestly never spent a single night together before they were married, and Danielle had no idea he snored.

“She loves her husband, but now she sleeps in a guest room when he gets too noisy.” “They are still crazy about each other,” says the pal. “But the snoring has become a big joke for their friends.” (via In Touch)

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