Friday, July 09, 2010

Lady Gaga WOWS the audience on TODAY

One word can be said about Lady Gaga...AMAZING!!!
She performed to probably the biggest crowd ever at the Today Show and even sent pizza out to her fans yesterday who were waiting all day/night for this morning's performance.
An absolute DOWN POUR did not stop her, and there was not time to put a tent over her head. At one point, her "people" tried to put an umbrella over her head and she didn't need it-she kept on signing.. If this woman is a diva, she showed no signs of it today. The only other performer I remember who didn't care about getting wet was Bon Jovi, but even he had a tent.
My cameras may be ruined from the rain today, but I don't care. It was a long wait for this performance but it was well worth it.
It is very rare these days that I photograph a performer who REALLY thrills me, makes me want more, and keeps a smile on my face-even when it is monsooning out!

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