Friday, July 13, 2012

Brian Gaskill portraits

I always love shooting good looking, nice and creative people. Last month I had the pleasure of shooting actor/writer/director Brian Gaskill at the Jersey Shore. Well, he cut off his beautiful long blonde hair to a buzz and asked if I would shoot some new photos. I loved his long hair but I have to admit that he looks better than any man I have ever seen with a buzz. My husband saw my reaction to Brian's new look and went and buzzed his own hair yesterday (don't tell him, but I don't like the buzz on him :) I also love shooting someone and I can see the doubt all over their face...sometimes, they will even say "I really don't think you are getting anything useable." I love it when I know a shot is great, and I love their reaction when they look at the image, shake their head and love it too. Brian Gaskill is such a talented man-I love his acting and his writing. He has directed a lot of music videos that are more like mini movies and they are so good, I want to see more. I can't wait to see his beautiful face on a 30 foot high movie screen


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