Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beyonce and Samsung Announce Launch of New B Phone at Press Conference in NYC, October 11, 2007

Beyonce and Samsung Announces Launch of New `B` Phone at Press Conference in NYC held at the Samsung Store at the Time Warner Center.

What can I say? This event was HORRIBLE!

Why is it that one person from a PR company will say "first come first serve" while someone else will say "marked spots."
We were at least 60 feet back with chairs in front of us for REPORTERS! Reporters who held up their point and shoot cameras which totally blocked us. We were 3 and 4 deep on ladders. then, every one who was sitting in the seats were acting as if they have never seen a group of photographers and they kept taking our photos.
Beyonce showed up-almost an hour late, for what amounted to maybe a 3 minute photo op, if that's what it was called.
A rainy day in NYC that would have been better used if I stayed home.
This was definitely in the top 10 of the worst events, next to the ones where they mark the spots by putting down business cards with our names on them, side by side (since when is a human being the size of a business card??)


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