Friday, March 28, 2008

Actress and Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren poses at a signing for her new book 'In the Frame: My Life in Words and Pictures'-March 28, 2008

I'm back!
I have been out with the dreaded flu that has been going around NYC. I thought I was going to make it through the winter without getting sick, but no such luck.
I am far from being 100% perfect, but actress and Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren was at the 5th Avenue Barnes and Noble signing her book. LOTS of press, TONS of fans. It was nice to see how many came out for her on this weird rainy then sunny then rainy day.
Ms. Mirren is beautiful, classy and very talented. It's not everyone that would have made me head out today since I am not feeling as well as I should, but it was worth the trip for her.


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