Monday, July 07, 2008

Paul Rudd...a nice phone call...1:30am

yesterday I went out with my photographer friend Luisa and Vincent in search for something to photograph on a quiet summer Sunday. I told them how I wish we would spot either Nick Lachey or Paul Rudd. For several minutes, I said "I need my Paul Rudd fix" since it's been forever since he was at an event (almost a year) and I would realy like to photograph him. Well, what are good friends for? Good friends call late at night to tell you they are at a bar and Paul is there. gets even better. They hand the phone over to him and for 15 minutes, Paul and I are having a nice conversation and I tell him about what I said yesterday. He asks me why I said I needed my Paul fix so I told him the truth-"because I think you are a really great actor and really hot" to which he says "you are really sweet, come have a beer with me.". IF only I still lived in the village I would have been close enough to go.
Hopefully there will be a next time!
For anyone in Brooklyn or wanting to venture to Brooklyn, Paul's 2001 film "Wet Hot American Summer" will be playing outside at the McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint on Tuesday July 8 at 8pm


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