Sunday, November 01, 2009

2009 ING NYC Marathon

I wasn't looking forward to shooting to race today for the NYRR, since I had a fabulous few days in Indiana, returned late last night and my mind was still there. However, what a day! It was terrific. The runners are just amazing and make it look so easy to run 26.2 miles. The fans..what can be said about them? WOW! The love they show EVERYONE who runs, wheels or walks by. If only NYC and the world can show this love to strangers every day-it would be such a wonderful place to be.
I started early in Long Island City, Queens-the only section of the race where you can see the Manhattan skyline AND the faces of the runners. The people cheering out there sounded louder than the fans at Yankee Stadium during the World Series. Then it was off to the Upper East Side and then up to Harlem, where the race heads into the Bronx.
Before I headed home, I walked over into Harlem near Marcus Garvey Park on east 124th Street off of 5th Ave. I think this is the prettiest part of the race-gorgeous brownstones, trees, and once again, amazing fans.
Off to shoot the after party now...



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