Wednesday, November 04, 2009

NY Premiere of "The Box" at AMC Lincoln Square

Tonight, our group of celebrity photographers were amazing. We are all upset over the sudden passing of our friend and fellow shooter, A.J. Sokalner, who passed away Monday night after shooting an event. On most nights, there is a lot of bickering between everyone since we are cramped into tight spaces and pretty awful work situations. Tonight started to look like it may be one of those nights-40 plus photographers in a space for 20. But something magical happened. The first 19 of us took our position on the red carpet, leaving the rest not knowing if they were going to get to shoot. One by one, the head of security would bring in another photographer, and some how, we made room. It was like the parting of the red sea. EVERYONE banded together and for the first time in my memory, we REALLY worked together as one.
All night there were hugs, hand shakes, smiles, people who normally don't talk to one another talking, a sticker everyone wore in A.J's memory.
I think A.J. would have been proud.

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