Saturday, August 04, 2012

No Doubt Live on Good Morning America

No Doubt Live on Good Morning America....What CAN happen when photographers band together!!!: No Doubt Live on Good Morning America....a shoot that almost didn't happen. No Doubt's management wanted all the photographers to sign releases and give them total control, and the 30 or so photographers said NO (had we been told last night, no one would have showed up, or we would have snuck in with the crowd). Then they told us we couldn't shoot from the riser, yet Gwen Stefani kept urging all the fans to "raise their hands, take photos with your IPhones, and tweet". At this point, all the photographers jumped on the riser to shoot. It was one of a (less than) handful of times that I witnessed ALL the photographers sticking together to get the job done!!!! ABC was on our side, but their hands were tied by management. In the end--NO ONE signed, everyone shot


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