Sunday, September 02, 2012

Backstreet Boys live on Good Morning America-August 31, 2012

WOW! I arrived at Central Park at about 6:30 am and there was so much trash, tents, chairs, sleeping bags and other personal belongings all over the place. 2 park workers were cleaning it all up and making some comments along the way. All of a sudden, I heard the roar of the crowd as the Backstreet Boys took the stage for their soundcheck. It was so loud on the outside that ear plugs were needed. I was in shock-I had NO idea the Backstreet Boys were still so popular. Once the press was allowed in, there was no way were were going to get to our riser-the crowd was shoulder to shoulder--EASILY the BIGGEST crowd yet-bigger than Beyonce and Lady Gaga from last summer. We actually found a police officer to give us an escort to the press area! The Backstreet Boys were, surprisingly, very entertaining. I have photographed them before but this time they were much better. They mentioned that they are going out on tour and if you were a fan from long ago, you won't be disappointed.


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