Saturday, October 06, 2012

GRACE opens on Broadway starring Paul Rdd, Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington and Ed Asner

RUN to see GRACE at the Cort Theater before it's too late-it is a limited engagement thru January 6. The 4 actors are just terrific. I was fortunate to be given 4th row center seats and I was really in my glory. This play was so good that I think I stopped breathing at certain moments. Walking out, there were 2 older women behind me and one said to the other "you know, Paul Rudd really isn't a good dramatic actor" and I was going to turn around and scream " WHAT???" when she said "HE'S FANTASTIC. Why isn't he in more dramatic roles?" Someone asked his this at the press conference for the play and he said he would like to get more dramatic parts. I would go see him in anything, but I would love to see some more dramatic roles too. Get your tickets fast, before you miss 4 amazing actors in a great play


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