Monday, November 26, 2012

Help those affected by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy. My heart is so heavy. Yesterday I went back "down the shore" to my old stomping ground of Monmouth County. Even though I grew up in Northern NJ, I GREW UP in Monmouth County-I lived there for over 15 years (and Seaside Heights for 1 year prior to moving "north"). My career and my life really got started there-I made life long friendships and just loved it there. I became an adult there. It was a hard decision to pack up and move to NYC almost 14 years ago, where I didn't know anyone. I am what my husband says "Once a Jersey Girl, always a Jersey Girl." The destruction that Sandy caused both in NY and NJ makes me cry. MANY friends have been personally affected-including 3 photographers I know. One in Breezy Point, NY lost everything. The kindness of strangers is what everyone needs. The Holidays are approaching and it will make it harder for those who have nothing. Please visit this Facebook page and donate what you can: and don't forget the animals:


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