Thursday, September 30, 2010

World Premiere of "Life As We Know It"-Ziegfield Theater

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Burns (love them) along with the 3 Josh's- Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas, and Katherine Heigl's husband Josh Kelly walked the red carpet for the World Premiere

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sheryl Crow, NY Daily News 9/26/10


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mets vs Braves Baseball at Citifield

first time shooting baseball in over 25 years, and first attempt at shooting pro baseball.
Thanks to Marc Levine for the photo pass and the nice photographer from ICON who got me a much needed glass of water


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Tornado hits NYC and causes a lot of damage

on assignment for the NY Daily News shooting aerials of the tornado damage over Kew Gardens, Queens with my husband Philip flying the Robinson R-44 helicopter

Introducing Frankie the kitten

Frankie's story

Philip and I have been cat free for 7 years, suffering a terrible loss after our beloved Max died in 2003. Many times, we would drive far and long ways to go meet a cat, but it didn't feel right. I guess we weren't ready. One day last year,we went to a bbq at a fellow NYC photographer's apartment and immediately fell in love with his cat, Chicken. Chicken looked so much like Max that we couldn't help themselves. We said if they ever needed a cat sitter, we would available. 6 weeks ago, Chicken moved into our home and "The Chicken Chronicles" was started. We fell in love with this cat. Last week, Chicken went home. With no cat in our home, werealized it was time, and were ready.

An old friend and animal lover, Tracey, helps out Rebecca's Rescues ( and that is where they first saw me. I was born in July 2010 in Ocean County, NJ and was abandoned with my brother, whom I call little gray, by a dumpster. A nice couple, Tom and Lindsay, rescued us and brought us into their home along with several other cats and ferrets. Their house was too small for all these animals and they were seeking a permanent home.
I arrived to my new home in Manhattan at approximately 5:45pm on Sunday September 12.
Frankie was very scared and rarely came out from under the dresser the first few days. Last night, he slept in the bed with us all night.
He is the cutest little kitty, and so loving.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget: 9.11

Reposted from a few years ago:

Remembering 9-11

It's hard to believe it has been 8 years since this TRAGIC day.

This is something I wrote a few years ago, in 2006 remembering 9-11-01:
5 years ago, our lives changed. Forever. I remember lying in bed with my soon to be husband in our apartment on University Place and 10th Street in downtown Manhattan and hearing and feeling the roar of a huge plane. It rocked our apartment. I vividly remember saying to him "Oh my God, did you hear that plane?" Philip is a pilot/photographer and he quickly replied "sweetheart, that plane is flying way too low and that's not the normal flight pattern." Seconds later, he said "it crashed. I heard a boom." Right then, our phone rang and it was a friend telling us a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Moments later, the phone rang again-some friends calling to see if it was Philip's plane. We turned on the tv, got dressed, and then went onto the street. A block from our apartment, along 5th Avenue, we had a clear view of the Towers. We went back to our roof where we had a clear view also and started shooting. All of a sudden, I remember pointing and saying "oh my God, look at that plane" when the second plane vanished from my site and we saw a ball of flames into the second tower. It never registered with me what happened. People were huddled together crying. We called our families to let them know we were ok, got off an email to a friend in St Louis who wanted to know if we were ok, and then the phone and internet went dead. A woman from my floor was in the corner on our roof hysterical, crying to her mother who was in Paris saying "mommy I am so scared, mommy mommy." Just typing this makes me cry for the fear she had, the pain she was in being all alone. She was probably in her mid 30's and crying for her mother. At the time, one of my big clients was the Port Authority and weeks before, we were on a shoot on the 68th floor of the North Tower. I know if this happened on a day I was up there on a shoot, I just don't think I would have gotten out.
I don't remember much else about the day.
I think I was on overdrive. It took me a long time to cry because I still was in some kind of daze. I remember we walked down there after the towers clapsed and as soon as we got to Church Street, I couldn't breath anymore. We turned around and walked home. We tried to help along the way but so many people were out that there was not much we could do. Later that day, we went back and we were right at Ground Zero, staring at the metal piece that was stuck in the ground for so long. I do remember the Daily News calling me to see where I was and I told them I was at Ground Zero. They asked me to shoot some firemen, and get up to the paper FAST. I asked how fast and they said NOW. A policeman took me in his car and we sped up 6th Avenue to 33rd Street. There was not a single person anywhere. If anyone has ever seen Charlton Heston in "The Omega Man" this is what NYC felt like.
4 weeks later was our wedding. The following Saturday I was supposed to shoot a wedding and I got the call that it was cancelled because 4 family members had died that day. My friends were planning a surprise wedding shower for me in NJ on September 16 but they decided to tell me because they knew I wasn't going to leave NYC otherwise.
We went to Greece on our honeymoon and were pretty much glued to CNN 90% of the time.
There's not much else I can do but cry.I cry alot remembering this day. And let us ALWAYS remember all those innocent people we lost on that day.

There was a woman with my last name, Donna Marie Rothenberg, who perished on 9-11-01, and a man from NJ named Mark Rothenberg. As far as I know, we were not related but from everything I have read about them, they sounded like remarkable people. I would have liked to have known them in this life. Here is something I found that was written about them:


Monday, September 06, 2010

Miranda Cosgrove from the hit TV Show "ICarly" Performs Live on The Today Show

NY Liberty lose to Atlanta Dream, 81-75

Cappie Pondexter scored 24 points and Plenette Pierson added 18 Sunday night but the Liberty came up short to the Dream 81-75 in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals at home. Nicole Powell tallied 15 points.
Actor Matthew Modine cheered on the NY Liberty from courtside


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

NY Liberty vs. Indiana Fever

Cappie Pondexter (#23) set a Liberty post-season record with 30 points to lead New York to a thrilling 77-74 win over the Indiana Fever in Game 3 at Madison Square Garden. The win advances the Liberty to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Atlanta Dream.